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It’s my mission in life to support you in choosing courage, pursuing a dream that scares you, and creating extraordinary and outrageous results that matter to you. I will be absolutely relentless in that pursuit with you.  I don’t care if it’s hard or challenging for you.  I’m not working for you; I’m working for the person you will become, the person willing to be forged by their own desire to grow, to become, to fu**ing breakthrough to extraordinary.

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At the end of the day, it comes down to the results you create. Period

No one cares if you had good intentions or you gave it your best shot, or the economy is tough; those are the overused words of the average, the people who “tried” but could not overcome the challenges and obstacles we must all overcome to create extraordinary results.  EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS are EARNED by those willing to be held accountable for them.  

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The Problem
When we push to grow and evolve, our brain freaks out.  It wants to retreat back to the known, and it will sit in procrastination and confusion and seek to distract itself. Welcome to the club; that’s being human.  You need a coach to overcome that desire, that urge to retreat back to the average, the comfort of the known.  To have the strength and resilience to endure the uncertainty, circumstances, and repetition to create results that will blow your own mind takes someone willing to run shoulder to shoulder with you and stay the course when your incredibly powerful and freaked out brain starts to justify and persuade you to retreat to the ordinary.
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The Solution
Having the courage to dream so big, you can’t reach your goals alone.  Dreams so rich, purposeful, and meaningful to you it makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up (if you don’t, we should have started last year, just kidding, let’s go!)  Ones that make you say, “who am I to think I might be able to do/be that”? YES! You are talking my language.  Who are you not to be/do that? LET’s GO!  I got you!  
Living a life of no regrets, continuous challenge, and transformation that’s what coaching with me looks like.  Are you ready?

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Are We a Good Fit to Work Together?
  • You take full responsibility for your life and actions
  • You are coachable
  • You have a growth mindset
  • You know in your heart you have more in you to give
  • You are fun, have a sense of humor, willing to put up with my bad jokes and dry sense of humor
  • You are willing to get uncomfortable for things that matter to you
  • You know sometimes I will give you hug, and other times it will feel like a punch to the throat (figuratively)
  • You choose to be better not wish it were easier
Let's Get Started


  • You choose to remain a victim of your past
  • You have a fixed mindset
  • You want to hide in education instead of taking action
  • You have everything figured out
  • You are not willing to give up who you have been for who you could be
  • You are not willing "get real" and tell your truth, so we don't get hung up on bulls**t


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What My Clients Say...

  • "Working directly with Richard has helped to supercharge the outcomes I have obtained while moving toward transforming my life.  His supportive, kind approach to coaching is well balanced by his desire to challenge you, keep you accountable, and help you not look for the easy way out.  As a former Navy SEAL, he knows adversity and he understands that we are all capable of much more than we think we are.  He helps you discover the untapped potential in yourself and is there to share in the joy when doors start opening for you.  I decided to work with Richard when I remembered that the best investment we ever make is the investment we make in ourselves.  That was the first day of a new beginning, and I haven't looked back since!"
    Greg R.

  • “Richard Thompson is not only an amazing coach, he is an amazing human being. When I think of Navy Seals and private security force team leaders, I think strong, tough, invincible. And I’m sure Richard is all those things, but as one of his coaching clients, I saw a different Richard – open-hearted, warm, compassionate, and highly intuitive. I cannot ever recall a moment in one of his coaching sessions where he wasn’t intensely focused on my needs, listening not only to my words, but the spaces between them to help me get to the heart of an ill-defined problem and collaborate with me to devise a solution. He was born to do this work. I recommend him without reservation.”
    Jan B.

  • “Thank you, Richard… your help and support has really impacted my life to a degree you may not realize; I am truly blessed to have been coached by you!”
    Bert P.

  • “Richard is one of a kind. He is an incredible coach, and many of the habits he has taught me I was able to implement on a daily basis due to his unique approach.”
    Dr. Patrawala

  • “My life will forever be better due to my time working with Richard.  His passion and enthusiasm is contagious, and he will be a benefit to anyone lucky enough to work with him. Many coaches like to run the same formula with their clients where Richard genuinely listens to what is being said to make sure your coaching experience is the best experience possible!”
    David M.

  • I am so grateful to you, Coach Richard, for being my Coach this year. What a year of transformation! Each and every session, I was able to bring the biggest thing on my mind and each time you were always ready for anything. What I  also much appreciated about your coaching is how we went straight to the depth of the issue each time, and with a great sense of humor. After each session I felt I had freed myself from a big weight that was dragging me down and I felt I knew exactly what to do next. Thank you as well for your compassion, for never quitting even when I was almost ready to quit and for helping me become a better person. Way to make the impossible possible.

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Getting to know me
I'm Richard Thompson, husband, father, former Navy SEAL, and head coach of You vs. You Coaching.  I absolutely love being around people that are consciously choosing to grow and develop them selves in a way that is meaningful to them.  I wake everyday to be the example I want to see in the world through my actions, and behavior.  

  • Teach it, do it

  • waiting around in the jungle

  • family fun

  • Afternoon stroll at Kokoro

  • Terminal List
    Interrogation time

  • Time to calm the mind

  • Some fun in the sun
    team training

  • Family time

  • Grateful for 20 incredible years of marriage!

  • Family time

  • Another fun day at BUDs

  • Me after a week of little sleep and being frozen in the woods

  • Team Training

  • playing in the desert

  • playing in the water at sunrise

  • washing off at a Spartan Race

  • The Old Grinder at BUDs

  • Team training

  • Team training

  • Canadian river training

  • Do what you coach!

Here are some pics of my family and I. Some of me training others, some of me in the SEAL Teams.
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Work With Me

One on One Private Coaching

1. Clients that are stuck, not clear, don't have a specific goal (maybe even a direction) and want to have something meaningful and worthy to pursue
Yes, I have been there as well (many times). I can appreciate the feelings you are having right now and the actions you take (or not take). Days peeling away, hoping something changes, some type of shift, a spark. Having a big goal that is meaningful to you is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.  The coaching experience really comes to life when you are in action, struggling, failing, learning, winning, and forging your character to become worthy of that big goal.  I can help you cultivate meaningful and purposeful goals that are worthy of your time and energy.  Take a deep breath, click the button, let’s go, I got you!

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2. Clients that are absolutely clear on the goal they want to pursue with me.
Awesome! Let's GO!  Having a big goal that is meaningful to you is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. As we commit to the goal, like no s**t we are making it happen, your brain will undoubtedly freak out.  What we do when it does, makes all the difference, and thats where coaching becomes valuable.  My brain used to say “can’t I do this on my own, do I really need to pay for a coach? I know what to do, I should be able to do it, and not need help, blah, blah, blah”.  That’s normal, what you do after those thoughts makes all the difference in the world.  What will you choose, the actions of the average or the extraordinary?
Take a deep breath, click the button, let’s go, I got you!

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No Payment Necessary

What if I told you that if you gave me 6 months I could help you transform your entire life?
Imagine that by working together you build a story of meaning and purpose and create results that blow your mind?

Everything is on the table when it comes to coaching:

  • relationships with yourself and others
  • building your business
  • communication styles
  • navigating anger, fear, sadness, resentment and anxiety… productively
  • negative self-talk
  • setting audacious goals and achieving them through massive action plans
  • creating a vision for your future
  • recovering from failed relationships
  • leadership
  • awareness of yourself, and others
  • commitment, consistency, and results
  • and many more...
Take a deep breath & click
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  • I am exclusive and only work with a limited number of clients at a time.
  • You work directly with me as your coach; no other coaches come in and do work for me here
  • You get my perspective, experience, and my brain dedicated to you 
  • You are not just a number, we are partners in your goals and your success
  • I will be and say what I believe will get you the results you are committed to
  • I work with unlimited access and support. You are not buying hours or sessions. You are buying a partnership with me to transform you, and your future.
  • LET'S GO
  • You will feel less stress and more confidence
  • You will have purpose, clarity, and be in action working on things that matter to you
  • You will be happier and more productive every day
  • You will show up better in all relationships in your life
  • You will experience how amazing you truly are.
  • LET'S GO
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